18 best gas hobs

Top models for frying and cooking In modern kitchens, the usual stationary gas stoves have long since faded into the background, and their place is increasingly being taken by independent built-in appliances. And if electric models are more common among ovens, then gas is still the most popular among cooking surfaces.

Merrylock Cover Stitch Auto Sewing Machine Description

Sewing machine Merrylock Cover Stitch Auto - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics General characteristics is Adjusting the clamping fabric is Sewing operations The number of threads 2, 3, 4 The number of sewing operations 5 Types of seams stitching seam, chain stitch Stitch length 1 - 4 mm Width and stitch 1–5 mm Maximum lifting height of the foot 5 mm Maximum sewing speed 1300 stitches / min Auto Advantages It is convenient to refill the lower looper Disadvantages tears the thread, skips rhymes Comment Automatic thread tension is actually not entirely automatic, you can simply select 1 of about 10 programmed thread tension settings.

10 best nail polishes

The perfect nail polish for a perfect manicure. You come to the store, buy the most beautiful nail polish, and at home ... disappointment awaits you. And the color is not the same, and the quality is not very ... But it is not so easy to catch your “golden fish” in a huge assortment of nail polishes, which will fulfill the desire for a fast, lasting and beautiful manicure.

10 best manufacturers of baby food

Independent investigation of our expert “Agush”, “Nutricia”, “FrutoNyanya”, “HiPP”, “Semper”, “Theme” - any normal parent will get dizzy from just one long list of brands of baby food! A puzzle "Which brand is better," and even more so seems unsolvable. Try to figure it out? Brand: "FrutoNyanya" - the leader of our rating among the best domestic manufacturers of baby food Approximate price for individual products: Name Weight Average unit price in rubles Juice from apples clarified 200 ml 20 Instant rice porridge with pumpkin and apricot 200 g 89 Meat puree veal Fruit puree “Banana” 90 g 32 Vegetable sauce “Broccoli and zucchini” 80 g 33 What stands out: the winner of the expert “Test purchase” on the first TV channel Why in the rating: in 2011, FrutoNyanya received an honorary status “People’s Brand” has been enjoying an enviable popularity among parents for the second decade.

Description thermopot Binatone TP-4070

Thermopot Binatone TP-4070 - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics Technical characteristics Type thermopot Volume 4.2 l Power 750 W Power in temperature maintenance mode 35 W Bulb material metal Manual / automatic pump Type of heating element closed spiral Body material plastic Features Temperature controller is, stepped temperature regimes - 4, 45 - 100 degrees.

Top 10 Wiring Detectors

Reliable insurance against surprises. It is not necessary to start a full-scale repair at home so that you can stumble upon an “unexpected cable” in the form of an electrical cable while drilling the wall. If your work is directly related to this, then the need for a hidden wiring detector will be obvious.

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Description of motor-towing hurricane

Motor-towers Hurricane - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics The basic model of the motor-towing machine The Hurricane is a Hurricane Indiscriminate, having a length of 1450 mm. In this model, only the motor and steering wheel are removed. In the collapsible Hurricane model in addition to the engine and steering, the trunk and its back, the caterpillar is removed and the frame is folded.

Review of the PM500 4x4 ATV (Russian Mechanics)

For sure Russian Approximate price: 359 000 rubles. The unpretentious, reliable and durable ATV RM500 from the Russian manufacturer “Russian Mechanics” is able to cope with bad roads and with snow-covered tracks, and on the highway to accelerate to decent 80 km / h. In addition, it has stability and stability on turns, climbs and descents.

12 best blush

Blush ... a lot in this word For the heart of a woman merged! When applying makeup, blush not only visibly refreshes the complexion, but also helps to slightly correct its shape. However, their range is so diverse that it is just fit to get confused. To buy a blush does not become a waste of money, you need to imagine how they differ from each other: The texture of blush resembles in part a powder of crumbly or creamy consistency, only a slightly different palette.

10 best storage electric water heaters

List of the hottest appliances Today, storage electric water heaters are very popular both among owners of country houses and summer cottages, and among city dwellers who want to make their water supply independent and uninterrupted. In this material, we consider the top ten currently available storage water heaters with a volume of from 30 to 100 liters, which is the best option for installation in an apartment or a country house.

Description of the stepper Horizon Dynamic 208

Stepper Horizon Dynamic 208 - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics General characteristics Type Classic Independent pedal movement Number of load levels 12 Maximum user weight 130 kg Autonomous operation Yes No built-in programs Sensors and indicators Indications calorie consumption Pulse measurement there Additional information Dimensions (LxWxH) 105x83x145 cm Weight 34 kg Reviews of stepper Horizon Dynamic 208 Advantages Looks very good.

Top 15 home coffee grinders

The right coffee grinder - a pledge of delicious coffee Hereby coffee makers know that the taste of a precious drink depends not only on the type of coffee, but also on its grinding. In order not to be disappointed in the choice of a coffee grinder, we advise you to know in advance what you should pay attention to first of all, and which models should be avoided.

Installation and connection of a bimetallic radiator (Part 5)

What is the easiest way to connect a bimetallic radiator Other parts: 1. Choose a bimetallic radiator 2. Why choose a bimetallic radiator? 3. 8 best bimetallic heating radiators 4. 10 most typical reviews of bimetallic radiators 5. Installation and connection of a bimetallic radiator Connecting or inserting bimetallic radiators is not more complicated operation than similar work with any other type of heating devices.

Description of the Bosch PBH 2100 RE perforator

Bosch PBH 2100 RE perforator - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics General characteristics Type of fastening of the drill SDS-Plus Number of speeds of work 1 Power consumption 550 W Max. idling speed 2300 rpm Max. beats per minute 5800 beats / min Max.

Description of plate Electrolux EGD 6576 NOK

Electrolux EGD 6576 NOK stove - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics General characteristics Surface type cooking Connection method combined Installation independent Dimensions (W × D) 59 x 52 cm Dimensions for embedding (W × D) 56 x 49 cm Burners Burner panel glass ceramics Total burners 4 Gas burners 2 Induction burners 2 Control panel Location of the panel in front Switches rotary Burner timer there Electric ignition, automatic Panel lock button Features Gas control con Orok has a residual heat indicator has a safety switch has a momentary pause has cast-iron grates have Hob Color - Black Reviews of the plate Electrolux EGD 6576 NOK Advantages Safety: if the plate is removed from the glassware, the work of the hotplate is automatically switched off after a few seconds.

Review of the washing vacuum cleaner iRobot Scooba 450

The washing iRobot Scooba 450 vacuum cleaner - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics Characteristics Type robot Cleaning wet Dust collector cyclone filter Power controller no Power supply Battery NiMH battery, operating time 40 min Features Vacuum cleaner size (WxDxH) 36.

The most useful novelties in storage water heaters

Heating molecules, cleaning with bacteria and "smart" boiler Refusal of resistive heating elements. ISI Technology has already demonstrated its instantaneous water heater with a new technology, and in 2015 promises to provide a cumulative. In these electric boilers, resistive heaters were abandoned, and they directly affect the molecular structure of water, using the know-how developed by the company.

Competent tablet selection

We understand how to choose a good, high-quality and inexpensive tablet Consumer electronics stores are filled up with a variety of tablets. At first it seems that they all differ only in size and price tag. Even the devices look very similar! How to choose a suitable model? The answer is simple - read this article.